Fab Foss Training

Back at the end of February I went on FOSS (free and open source software) training aimed at circuit riders which took place in Bristol.

It was led by Matthew Edmonson from Open It Up and covered wide range of topics which supports people like me who offer their time as a circuit rider supporting small groups with their ICT. Before this course, I had used lots of various FOSS programmes, played abit with Ubuntu but not ever had the opportunity to go into such great detail in a safe environment to learn more in depth with the expert help on hand to answer any question (and yes me being unusual in the Linux world being a girl, I had lots!).

More and more of the groups that I support are looking in to the possibilities and the benefits to using FOSS, and here in Devon especially, support isn’t too forthcoming.

Over the two days we covered alot! Included:Installing a GNU/Linux desktop system (Ubuntu), Command line interface (erm…realised I am abit slow on that one – much more play needed – but wow – so useful!), file systems and user permissions, diagnosing faults, VOIP, installing a debian server, LTSP and more!

The whole event was great and if there are other Circuit Riders out there contemplating going on this course (has been taking place around the country this spring – sign up now before it’s too late!) the course took place ina coomunity centre, where the fab Bristol Wireless crew are also based. I had come across them before through their website, but had never realised (been living in rural Devon far too long me thinks!) all of what they do, and how well they do it. Hopefully have made some good links with them and are looking to use Asterisk VOIP within the main organisation that I work for which will have untold benefits (not only cost but also enables me to have calls transferred smoothly when I am working at home too!)

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