The new toy… (a toy, or is is a member of our family now?!?)

Well, I've been playing with the idea of a dedicated computer for a while for my design work.   After alot of thought and toying with ideas, between an Imac and Mac Book Pro and other options (and which OS to go with and so on), I won a six month old Imac on ebay.  Am chuffed to bits, although think I'll end up getting the MBP or similar in the future too.  We seem to have an amazing amount of computers in our house for the average family (!), but really wanted to have a play with a mac again as the last time I used one was at my graphics course many years ago in the days of when macs were really block like machines, for simple cad work, and as you can imagine, things have progressed.

I've been looking in detail at different apps and whether to go full on with foss, but am enjoying playing with the mac idea (and get asked lots of mac q's for tech support as a Circuit Rider, so nice to know how the underbelly of mac works really), and in a couple of weeks will be getting Parallels software so can do live boot of Debian which really excites me especially when it comes to coding and testing. (being a greedy geekgal, I can therefore have the best of both worlds!)  And no, before you ask, I'm not going to use it to run Microsoft…can use ye ole MS things on the other pcs we've got here if I need to for testing sites on <<sidenote: ….aargh….so many of the apples on ebay had MS XP or Vista on…..why oh why???? …>>

Software wise, am still using GIMP, Inkscape as usual for artwork; and for the web side of things am currently enjoying SKedit and trailling CSSEdit too, which seem to be coping well with my lengthy coding (much better than the generic foss ones sad to say which sometimes do stutter abit when things get too technical!), although will still endevour to keep trying out other apps, and some other foss ones too. I'm going to use the Debian for Eclipse for the PHP side of things which I am still fumbling around with, as the PHP I'm now doing needs abit more than the basics (well, I think it's me actually, very slow learning everything…). 
Browserwise, still using Firefox, and mail, of course, Thunderbird which I really like. Still haven't had time to move across all my work and images from my other machines here, but hopefully will find the time soon. 
I do love the bright big 20" screen, and my boys love it too for their online gaming (Battleon) and really really love Comic Life and the built in camera functions too.  (we've had so much fun creating comic strips of the kids shooting me with their toy guns and capturing the images with the inbuilt camera of me crumbling in the corner and them looking so smug pretending to be a bandit…..eeek – this must look awful…I'm sure most families do this kinda thing…). Oh yes, nearly fogot, the fab Open Office for the other normal bits of computer usage is now installed too.

Desperate to have a go with Blender soon…although really want to take some time out in the summer to get to grips fully with what Inkscape can offer me, as a replacement to Illustrator, as I feel I've only touched the surface with it, before I start playing with Blender just for fun and so many other fun apps! 
Scribus is the next on my list to put on which I've been using successfully on and off for the last few months and really has so much to offer.  (Also trying to work with some local printers now to accept work on Scribus rather than Adobe's InDesign which is what we've traditionally used at work, but alas, that's another story…).

So in essence, happy with my Imac, it was supposed to be a machine just for me, but it's cute funky feel has already made it a winner with other members of the family too (which isn't what it was for…!!!). 

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