Retro Websites

Looking from the perspective of accessibility, thankfully the webworld has moved on. But still sometimes you find a website that was designed some years back with the lovely animated gifs and flashing and rotating banners that would make most screenreaders balk.

There is still a great example out there, designed deliberately to be ‘retro’ in its design, which I do have to check in at once in a while. It validates as valid CSS and HTML, but will take you back to those early days when everyone thought website design was just about getting a version of front page and making it as messy as can be…

Like many of us, who are into web design, had our inspiration paved out for us with the great CSSZengarden. Bruce Lawson, who is into his usability and accessibility like myself has done a wonderful rendition in the format of the Zengarden with a retro feel to it. Take a look…. and remember the good old days… (not!)

Maybe I could start a collection of links to real ‘retro’ sites out there?

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