Article on Google Analytics

A recent shout out by Beth Kanter for experiences for those using Google Analytics in non-profit organisations, led me to write an article as she was looking for case studies for a forthcoming podcast.

Well, as not only a freelancing web-dev, I also designed and maintain the site for the charity that I work for in the day job too. I also use GA for most of my sites, as I am a curious strange person who only feels comforted that I have done a good task when I can see how the site is working, is it hitting the right target / type of people viewing the site. How long do they stay there, how are they using the information that is up on the site, if no-one is reading it – why? Is it out of date, not relevant no longer, or is it that they just can’t find what they are looking for?

Upon reflection, it has been a really good experience. Suddenly others in my organisation want to know more about this analytics ‘thing’, and also has inspired me to delve deeper into the analysis of future sites too.
Plus, since the article, it really has opened my eyes more about the usefulness of stats reporting to a different level.

Take a look at the article here –

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