A taste that took me back to being a kid again

This afternoon, I dropped Oli off to one of his friends birthday parties. Nearby to the venue, is a fabulous old fashioned sweet shop, so oldest son Ralph and I popped in to get some sweets.

Now, I am not known for having a sweet tooth, but my heart melted when up on the top shelf….can you believe it – Mojo’s and banana ones at that too!

Mojo’s are quite rare these days and hard to find, but I just couldn’t resist buying a few.
Wow! I felt like I was 8 years old again (which is quite a good feeling as I am turning 35 later this week!).

Had to record this for posterity, sad for a blog entry, but hey!

My Last Mojo!

Enjoy the pic of my last Mojo (it’s now long gone!)

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