Basebox launched – tools for non-profits

Spotted on the e-rider news today, was the announcement of the web launch of the latest edition of NGO-in-a-box, the BaseBox which looks like it will prove to be a great resource for not for small to medium sized organisations.
Produced by Tactical Tech in association with Women’sNet, the BaseBox aims to make it easier to set up base, find the right software and learn how to use it. It comprises a whole range of reviewed open source tools and software helping organisations to be able to make informed choices on what to use, plus the important guidelines and information on how to use it all.

The edition can be accessed online as a CD download in the coming weeks, so it will provide a wealth of materials all in one place, which is great to be able to pass on to others when supporting them with their first steps into open source rather than having to tell them they need to download this and that which often puts people off.
So let’s see more about what it’s all about.

From a collection of people around the globe, they’ve picked the cream of the FOSS crop for the following areas which are most needed by non-profits in their everyday technology use. It includes – Office Suites and Word Processing, Finance and Fundraising, Project Management and Collaboration, Volunteer and Staff Management, Web Browsers and Email, Instant Messaging and Telephony, Surveys and Anti-virus.

Aside from the BaseBox CD the edition also includes a copy of Ubuntu.
The wonderful part about all of this is that the applications can be used independently on their own, which is useful for groups who are just starting out investigating the benefits of open source software, or they can choose to install Ubuntu as an operating system.

I will be downloading a version as soon as I can, and may blog some of my thoughts on how I’ll use it with some of the non-profits I work with.
Also, not to forget (which I really nearly had – information overloaded me!) there are other NGO in a box editions out too, that others have recommended to me in the past, although still must say not tried them. These comprise a security edition, a publishing edition (wish I’d realised this when I was first learning with Scribus earlier in the year… and learning the likes of Inkscape and Gimp!) and also and audio / visual edition which I will be looking seriously at as I plan to do a road test on some of those for my own use locally with some projects in the summer ahead.

Would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts or experiences on using these tools, either in the context of being an organisation having a go for yourself, or as a tech support person enabling others to use these tools.

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