Finally using an RSS reader

Well, practice what you preach. Hmm…taken me a little while on this one. As an information addict who looks at lots of sites and blogs regularly, it was time to pull all my feeds into one place. I’d been using Thunderbird for some, and live bookmarks for others, so it was high time to get my house in order as it were.

So, this morning I spent a while having a play with quite a few options to choose from. Bloglines, which I’ve used a bit in the past, Google reader and others too.

I ended up settling on one that I hadn’t heard much about before, and am proud that I now have my feeds in one place. I’ve succumbed to Netvibes and actually already finding it a good medium. Very ‘widgety’ and versatile which I like for RSS and easy to add feeds with a nice little plug-in for my firefox browser. You can easily remove the bits /add-ons you don’t want and customise your feeds and how you want them to appear, plus get rid of the ones you don’t want quickly and easily. I’ve now set my page for my homepage so I can easily keep on top of everything now!

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