Top Telly – Damon and Jamie’s Excellent Adventure

I couldn’t have been more surprised and overwhelmed with joy the other evening when settling to watch abit of late night telly and flicked over to BBC1 just in time for the fabulous Imagine documentary with Alan Yentob with Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett as they embark on their new creative endevour for the opera Monkey, Journey to the West which showed in Manchester this week.
Being abit of a country bumpkin these days and not keeping up with what is showing on the old box (it’s all doom and gloom except for treats like my stable faves like House and ER), this was a treat and a half.
The documentry restored my faith that good television can still happen and was a total visual and graphic treat for my tired eyes. The amount of work and passion that went into the production was immense, and I really felt for both Damon and Jamie in parts where it wasn’t going as quickly or to plan as it should be. Just stunning television.

Damon is one of my first and only ‘big loves’ not just because I have the biggest crush in the world on him (and boy my husband gets v jealous!), but idolise his versatility and everything he puts his hand too musically. I have been a long term follower of his music in all its forms too. And to watch the unfolding of the production on both sides with the music and also the design of Jamie with his amazing artwork and costume design was pure telly heaven for me.

The only bad part was I forgot to record it for future re-watching again. Let’s hope one day soon it’ll be repeated.
Oh yes, there is another other bad part, not being tuned into the real world enough to have got tickets and gone up there to see it.

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