VoiceThread – a great new tool for pictures and voices

Beth Kanter has come up trumps again on her blog and discovery of tools that can help non-profits and others tell their story. (http://beth.typepad.com/beths_blog/2007/07/sharing-my-lear.html)
VoiceThread is an online tool which you can use for a variety of purposes and is free and enables a slideshow with voice and sound too. It’s amazingly simple to use, and can involve wide participation which makes it so great.

In my circuit rider role, over the last few weeks, I’ve had an increasing number of requests from people looking to do the following:

  • make a tutorial for their volunteers;
  • find a creative way to let others know the work of their organisation, but not wanting to keep up with the maintenance of a blog;
  • provide something real and live for potential funders and supporters to show the work they do,
  • and also a group of young people wanting to collate their knowledge and share a project they’ve been working on together.
  • VoiceThread can do all of these.
    I am planning on spending some time evaluating lots of different tools for this over the summer and am open to suggestions from others on good free or open source tools for screencasts and podcasts and other apps too to help others share their message in different ways.

    I now know that I can use it as a learning tool to show people how to do things, rather than just speak it down the phone or put it in an email too.
    Plus, how exciting for recording adventures of our family holidays too! We often do photo’s filming and also separate sound recordings especially of the children’s perceptions and views of when we are out and about and this seems an easier and quicker way to do just that.

    I can also see it being an amazing useful utility in schools and education fields too. Have a look at the website, register and have a play, also the links at the bottom of the page are really helpful too. Finally, a real bonus is that it’s in very clear language making it really easy to understand for all ages and abilities.

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