31 Days to a Better Blog – Day 7: Plan a schedule for the week ahead

The 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge is gathering pace and numbers too in the collection of people who have connected together thanks to Michele Martin’s Bamboo Project Blog. At last there is someone else from the UK taking part (there’s 14 in all from across the globe now under Michele’s mini challenge, plus hundreds of others taking part directly at Prologger! It’s not too late to join in either).
Welcome to Tim Davies another fellow UK nptech blogger, who may I add has done a fine job of his task of helping ease new readers into his blog with improved About pages. I really need to make some time to do mine and soon! (if interested about this task, refer to my day 5’s activity of auditing your About page)

Anyway, back to the task, which today is about planning a schedule of posts for the week ahead.
Darren at Problogger suggests that we need to plan ahead. He tells us of his experiences on how he used to post on his blog and how he became a blogger that planned. He gives some really useful tips that can help those especially who want to blog with regularity to be able to plan and focus.

Darren’s process to help him plan involves brainstorming topics, then picks some to develop further, then clarifies what he wants to write about in a sentence to help him to bring the idea to reality. He then brainstorms key points he wishes to use in the article, and also remembers to look over previous posts for interlinking if they have similar themes or topics.
This is really useful, and I’m probably still somewhat at the sporadic posting stage, especially with this project to some extent. I’m using this blog to journey with my thoughts on the process of it all, rather than planning what I’ll write about the daily tasks.

My learning on this task so far

Since this challenge commenced, I have begun to start planning articles and drafting them, so theoretically I could be beginning to get a focus. Although, am wondering that it’s really because this challenge is consuming much of my blog availability time, hence what I originally wanted to write is being delayed!

Saying that though, I have one article that I’ve been dabbling with since last week (about my first month dabbling with Twitter and Facebook keep an eye out for it, hope to post it in the next day or so) which I still haven’t finished and posted yet.
By being delayed rather than posted too quickly, it’s given me more thinking time, and allowing me to research more. I’ve discovered others have also recently posted on a similar theme in the last few days and are in different stages with the topic to where I am, so I have made contact with them and others to discuss, the outcomes of which will only strengthen my own experiences and my article.
Hopefully by being a bit less impulsive about posting will help to construct a better quality of post/article.

I’m still a tad impulsive at times though (that’s where Twitter will become my lifesaver, sometimes I just have that need to share and quickly!), so will try to become mindful about how I post and finding the balance to get my writings right including the impulsive, sporadic and planned!

A couple of weeks ago, I implemented a side notes column on my front page of this site for my quick ‘signposts’ or ‘spots on the net’ that may help others. I partly did this to help with my sometimes impulsive need to pop something up on my blog quickly that I wanted to share or would have value to the readers I am aiming at. That’s been quite helpful for myself, too. By having my ‘quickies’ (side notes!) section, I don’t have to spend the time writing an article about the item, as it really is for signposting and awareness raising rather than anything more, leaving time to explore ideas for more in-depth articles that I really want to write about.
I can forsee that working on our types of categories and why may come up soon in some form or other as part of this Better Blog challenge!

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