31 Days to a Better Blog – Day 8: Comment on a New Blog

The 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge continues, and to save repeating what it’s all about every day, I’ve created a handy page for the background information to the project and as to why I am taking part. Also, please do read the full article, your input could help you to win a lovely prize!

Todays given task is to Comment on a Blog that you’ve never Commented Before. It was listed as an easy task which it is, but it does also serve an important purpose of widening not only your presence, but also creating new relationships. You’ll (hopefully!) receive more traffic to your own site and create new contacts.

Darren at Problogger says:

In fact it’s a tip that gets included in almost every post ever written on how to grow a blog’s traffic – comment on a blog that you’ve never commented on before.

Sometimes as bloggers it is easy to get in a rut both in your writing and in your reading of others blogs.

Go on a blog hunt today to see how many new blogs you can find in your niche. Add to the conversations on these blogs as you surf by adding useful comments and add to your feed reader with their RSS feeds so you can keep following them.

While this tip is another of those tips that we might classify as pretty basic and not that spectacular – many many successful blogs have been built on the back of it.

Well thankfully, I feel that I have accomplished this task. I have spent alot of this last week commenting on new blogs, with thanks to the project that has pulled us all together. It’s been really nice to leave comments, and I’ve noticed that generally too, I am commenting on more people’s blogs. Maybe it’s the confidence and satisfaction gained when people commented on my posts, that makes me want to do the same for others too). Anyway, yesterday evening, I did find a completely new blog after searching my Bloglog communities to check up what was happening there. I found a totally different type of blog to my usual peruse, a photography blog of a Norwegian photographer. One of the images was so beautiful, I just had to comment. Only realising this morning when coming to my computer to do this task, that I had also really definetely accomplished todays task.

***Stop press…the project is gathering tempo with the thanks of Chocolate as a Reward having Sue Waters and Frances McLean take things to the next level by offering a kilo of chocolate to the blogger who does the best job on the challenge! See later in this article how you as my commenter, can win some chocolate too! This is getting seriously fun!***

Oh my mind keeps wandering to the chocolate, I wonder if there will be an article to help alleviate chocolate pangs whilst blogging…right, back to it…

Learning Points continued…

I’m receiving alot of support and encouragement on this task from fellow friends and supporters too which really helps me to keep it going. I’ve discovered new friends too which is adding value to the experience. the only down side is that my previously planned articles haven’t yet appeared, but they will do and soon. If you have any suggestions of future content, I’d love to hear from you. You can either use the easy comment form below, or use my contact form.

Your chance to win a treat!

Now, if you are enjoying this series of articles, you too can win some chocolate (yes – really!)
Chocolate Box Voucher for the best comments
The Chocolate Challenge is also open to the best comments on the blogs of the 31 Days to a Better Blog Participants. So if you leave me a great comment, you could be in line for some delicious chocolate thanks to Chocolate Box (check out their website it has a really fun and funky design!). Now, how’s that as an incentive to encourage you to interact with me!
Big thanks to Sue Waters and Francis McLean for all of this healthy (with chocolate!?!) competition!

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