31 Days to a Better Blog – Day 15: Stickify your blog!

Following on the 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge, the task today was to ‘stickify’ your blog.

Darren at Problogger says:

“It revolves around identifying key points where traffic is entering your blog and then optimizing those points for stickiness either by providing means for subscribing via RSS or email or by driving people deeper into your blog.”

A few days a go, the task was to analyse your statistics (see my post here on day 11 of the challenge on how I use Google Analytics), so by using your new knowledge of how people are accessing and using your site you can target key areas of your site or blog which you can add some extra features to enable new readers to want to stay or sign up for feeds to keep connected with your news.

Darren is using video in his post to convey his ideas and messages, which is well worth a look, as an idea.
I’m going to try a few future posts as videoposts, although don’t want to compromise accessibility too much for those that cannot use the technology, so am currently looking in to and testing some ideas tools to provide captions to video’s (such as MAGpie) and also looking into podcasting my RSS feeds too (such as the Readspeaker podcast feed).

There’s a useful article on the ICT Hub website about Web 2.0 and accessibility if you are interested in some of the barriers that blogging and interactive websites can cause.

(If you use or know of any of the tools mentioned to enable captions to video, or podcasting rss, please do contact, as I’m compiling a list of applications to test and report on! Thanks)