31 Days to a Better Blog – Day 22: Getting new readers up to speed, and a special welcome

Day 22 of the 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge is all about helping new readers to catch up with your blog.

Darren from Problogger, describes todays task:

“Sometimes after you’ve been blogging on your blog for a while it’s easy to forget that not all of your readers have been reading your blog since you started. While you’re familiar with every aspect of your blog and how to use it – your more recent loyal readers may not.

One way to catch new readers up on what your blog is all about and how to use it most effectively is simply to write a post telling them.”

This is another useful task/tip from Problogger. Once my blogs builds up in readers further I may add simple posts to help new readers every so often as Darren suggests.

Earlier in the challenge, I made a the first steps in an effort to help readers understand more about my blog and how to use it. I added easier navigation, improved the About page, and also made it more visible and easy for new readers to keep up to date with RSS feeds, as well as a page dedicated to helping a new reader understand about RSS. It is and will be a work in progress. Even after the challenge has finished, I will try to be mindful to regularly check up on key areas to ensure my readers feel supported in taking part in my site.

When would I need to create a ‘new reader’ post, rather than a stand alone page?

I can use my statistics gained from Google Analytics to track new versus returning visitors to my site, and also use my Feedburner statistics if the numbers of subscribers suddenly rise. Using these tools will help me to identify when my blog is receiving a rise in new visitors. That is where I feel, a post to help new visitors would be at its best use then.

Last notes…

I am very fortunate to have received an offer from a friend to take over my challenge role, whilst I am away on my holiday.
Paul WebsterI welcome you to Paul Webster who has a blog and will continue to keep the challenge going for me whilst I’m away on his site at watfordgap.wordpress.com. Paul blogs about regional ICT support and his role at the ICT Hub. He’s based in Sheffield, a different part of the UK to me. As a latecomer to the challenge he’ll be looking to implement some of the past tasks on his blog site in the coming months ahead.
Welcome Paul!

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