Suffering from RSS overload?

After returning from my recent holiday I discovered that I had RSS overload. Not a medical condition, but it did make me panic for a few moments, with the reality that whilst I had removed myself from technology and everyday life for a short time to enjoy the delights camping in the South of France, the rest of the world blogged merrily away.

I feel that I manage my reading fairly well, and use my Netvibes RSS reader which helps me to keep up to date with around 100 or so blogs and feeds. I read about a wide range of subjects that relate to what I am interested in including: nonprofit technology, social media, web standards, accessibility and usability, design for print, design for the web, typography and so on…Netvibes helps me keep in control. I can separate my thematic areas that I like to read easily, and also place my favourites where I want to see them first.
I only pulled all my feeds into one place back in June, which I must say has made a big difference to my ability to keep up with all the sites I like to regularly visit.

But I wasn’t prepared for the overloaded feeling when I returned. I managed to use my reader to quickly establish what I wanted to read and comment on and also to be brave and quickly discard what wasn’t relevant or to have the luxury of spare time to read at this point.

It took me several days to get on top of it all. I was just beginning to get up to date, and in my feed reader I spotted a really helpful posting about keeping on top of your RSS feeds.

Marshall Kirkpatrick has recently created a great article on his blog which I highly recommend to anyone suffering RSS overload, or even if you fear you may get overload with 10 ways to make remembering to read your feeds easier. He shares how he manages potential information overload and how he keeps up to date and in control with over 3000 feeds. (yes, I did type that correctly!). Check it out!

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