Working towards a new world of Interoperability and Accessibility? It’s not here yet…

In the web design arena, there is currently a lot of discussion about how and where the ‘web’ is headed. With the concepts and available draft of of HTML 5, and the air of disappointment to many that it potentially is not necessarily going to enable better accessibility to all. On the other side of the equation, CSS (cascading style sheets – the supporting code that helps enables your site to look good and separates the style from the structure of the site) has reached 10 years of age already, and there is enthusiasm at how the next stages will enable more beautifying of the web.

On a positive note, I’ve discussed recently with fair few nonprofits who are becoming really aware about wanting their sites being operable on all platforms and browsers. It’s been a great experience sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm to enable them to explore and reach forward with ideas on making their site usable, approachable and accessible to a wider audience.
I’ve also experienced frustration that whilst many nonprofits are striving to move forward with usability and accessibility, many businesses are not taking this seriously and therefore losing their customers and potential sales. I’ve experienced this first hand this week whilst scouring various estate agent websites, not one would operate fully in anything other than Internet Explorer.

So for those interested to see where the web is headed, I’ve collated a few links to some articles which have given me some food for thought on accessibility, usability and also internet design for the future.

I still dream of a day, when any nonprofit or anyone else for that matter, can be able to construct a website easily with whatever they choose to use (an online site builder, other software, or a real person like myself!), will have a site that will be accessible and usable to all whoever or whatever is viewing it. I’ll still keep dreaming on this one!