New resource to help use the media to find your volunteers

With a rising interest in Web 2.0 and media skills amongst non profit organisations here in the UK, many groups are learning that there are a variety of ways available to communicate and market the work of their organisation to potential supporters and funders. One area which many small groups have difficulties with, is knowing how to find new ways to attract new volunteers for their cause.

Volunteer Genie Logo

Volunteer Genie is a bright and welcoming resource for organisations to help them to learn how to use the power of media to help find and recruit volunteers.

As well as information sections on understanding volunteers, and working with traditional media forms such as radio and with journalists, the website helps to guide you with inspiration to create your own campaign. The site shows successful case studies of charities who have used innovative ways to reach out to new audiences with a variety of media as their tools to find new volunteers.

The section on New Media Adventures is also really informative and well worth a look to understand how you can use social networking and blogs to share your stories. It also gives guidance to other web 2.0 tools so you can make your own news too.

I really feel that 2008 will be a great year to see lots of innovations with use of modern technologies to help with communications and information sharing for non profits here in the UK.

Many of the tools available can be used quickly and easily without lots of technical knowledge or cost which is a big plus. Small and under resourced organisations now have an ever growing supply of these tools, and communities to tap into for support and knowledge to help them to spread their message.

All they need now is a strategy to help guide them in what they plan to do and how to do it. Thankfully, the Volunteer Genie website offers advice in doing just that!