Using Twitter for conferences and consultation

I first met Tim Davies, whilst completing the 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge and also on Twitter. He regularly writes about his work in young people’s participation, non-profit technology and social change on his blog site.

Whilst completing the challenge, and connecting with other new friends also doing the challenge tasks, I learn’t about how others were using Twitter to a new level at conferences. I now use some of the learning I discovered in being able to participate in new ways with events using Twitter as my tool to be able to connect with others even if I am located on the other side of the globe.

Last week Tim wrote an article on his blog about using Twitter as a tool for texting and consultation at a recent conference to collect and share instant feedback throughout the event direct from people’s mobile phones.

On Tims blog he wrote about how he used Twitter at the conference for feedback:

“We set up a conference twitter account, and asked delegates to follow our account via mobile phone (by sending two sign-up text messages).
Throughout the event we were able to send instant text messages to all delegates – letting them know about what was coming up next, and inviting feedback. And delegates were able to text in their reflections, questions and feedback – with their views instantly appearing on the ‘twitter wall’ projected up on the main room, and on tickers running along the top of each powerpoint presentation being given.”

Tim also wrote about how twitter can be used for consultation and participation. Do head over to Tim’s Blog for the full article where you can read the fully story and also download a briefing paper for using Twitter at conferences. Don’t forget to check out his other articles too, especially the new series of simple social media sheets he’s created.

Twitter is one of my favourite networking tools, and I hope to see it being used more widely for conferences, events, participation and consultations here in the UK further.