Snack Attack

The Media Snacker Respect meme started by Jerimiah Owyang is now at my blog courtesy of Beth Kanter who tagged me. I’m not the biggest fan of meme’s but this one did make me stop and think as it’s made me aware of our shift into how we’re using social media tools to get our information snacks compared to using a newspaper or other traditional media for example.

Jeremiah posed the original question “Do you respect media snackers?”
He defined a media snackers as “folks who consume small bits of information, data or entertainment when, where, and how they want. If you want to be part of their lives you’ve got to respect them.”

Do I respect media snackers? Of course, I do. I myself am a big snacker. I use a variety of tools to help me find and manage my information: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg,, and increasingly Ma.ganolia to name but a few.
I also use RSS to keep up to date with a sizable number of websites and blogs. But when you begin to follow so many different sites, information management is needed to avoid overload and good scanning skills to identify the relevant information that I am seeking quickly which is where micromedia snacking really works well.

I try to help other media snackers by balancing my longer blog articles with the ‘quicker’ side notes section for articles of interest. I use Twitter and Facebook for my micro-blogging and information sharing amongst interested friends and followers.
I’ve also added easy links within my RSS feed so that readers can bookmark posts easily or jump to commenting quickly. I’ve also added the full article in my RSS feed instead of a shortened version, which can confuse readers in their decisions whether to invest their time reading the rest of the article by clicking into my blog or not.

Want to find out more about micromedia snacks you can munch away at? There’s a useful overview at which gives a good menu list to get started with near to the end of the article.

Part of the task is to tag others. I’m tagging Paul Webster and Tim Davies.