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Whilst discussing publicity and promotion with one of my new local groups who are just setting up earlier this week, they mentioned that they were thinking of using Flickr to put up the photos onto the internet they’ll take at an event planned for the summer. They thought it would be good to begin to create a bank of photo’s for their upcoming organisation to be able to use in their own future publicity as they have no office base as yet; as well as being a place where supporters and participants from their event could show others what they did on the day. The interested volunteer used Flickr at home for their own family photo’s to keep friends and family who lived far away up to date with their own adventures.

I was quite excited by this and said to them that it was great that they were exploring the use of social media for their organisation.
This led to another conversation that the group hadn’t seen their planned usage of Flickr as using ‘social media’. In fact, they hadn’t understood what this ‘social media’ label was that so many of us use, nor what it meant. We then continued our conversation further and came up with lots of possibilities for using a variety of modern media methods in the future to help them spread the message of the work they aim to do.

I offered to compile a list of some of my favourite sites and articles on the subject of online photo’s for nonprofits and thought others may find these links useful too.

I’d love to hear if you have used flickr in innovative ways, please leave a comment below!

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