The big picture – a site with great participation potential

I don’t usually write about my favourite websites, or websites that I think can really create ownership and participation with a big audience, but just yesterday a new website was launched that really deserves a mention.

The Big Picture is a project to create the biggest photo album in the West Midlands. Everyone can add their favourite pictures, with the innovation being the ease in which people can participate, sharing their photos and tell the stories behind them.

The project is being run by Arts Council England (West Midlands), supported by the BBC and will run until June 2008. Over the next six months, the project will aim to collect more than 95,000 individual images, which will be then used to create a giant, world record-breaking, photomontage of peoples stories and images of their life and locality.

Photo’s can be uploaded using flickr, direct on the site, or even with some hand holding at a local photographic retailer. You can also use a cameraphone on a mobile phone too. The site is really clear with easy to understand advice and direction on how to take part and even tips on how to take better pictures. Providing people have access to a computer, a mobile phone or even just a camera, they can get involved and share what they see.

I hope that projects like these are a springboard for other areas and sectors to venture into, with innovative and meaningful uses of creating participation, ownership (and celebration) with the integration of web 2.0 technologies. I look forward to seeing the unfolding of the project, the pictures and the stories grow during the duration of the project.