Social media workshop update

Back in January, I asked readers of this blog, and others on my many other social networks what we should include on the session on social media that myself, David Wilcox and Nick Booth (along with the participation of others too!) could present to Circuit Riders at the forthcoming UK Conference for Circuit Riders being held at the end of February in Birmingham. Do take a look at the previous post which created some thoughtful discussions and conversations. A big thank you to all who participated.

We’re now currently building together our presentation and session activities following on from those discussions. For those interested we’ve begun to set up a mini site to support what we aim to deliver on the day with materials, activities and links for Circuit Riders and other nonprofit technology advisors to be able to take away and use when supporting their local organisations with their needs. You can keep up to date, or contribute over on the new mini site at

A new website has been developed and set up to support the work of Circuit Riders here in the UK, and the site will be used during the conference to aggregate feeds from blogs, photo’s, bookmarks and more. See the new site at –

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