Women Who Tech – a TeleSummit for Women in Technology

Any woman with a telephone who works in technology at a non-profit, a political campaign or is interested in technology is invited to participate in this free, live event on March 31, 2008 from 11 am to 6.15 pm EST. (We’re five hours behind here in the UK, so equates to to 6 am – 1.15 pm GMT!)

Women Who Tech: A TeleSummit for Women in Technology in the non-profit and political world aims to bring together the most talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology.
The telesummit aims to create a supportive network for the vibrant and thriving community of women in technology professions by giving them an open platform to share their talents, experiences and insights via virtual workshops and panel discussions. See their website at www.womenwhotech.com for further information on how to participate, join their mailing list or Facebook group, follow on Twitter.

Eight of the twelve panels have now been announced and has a fabulous line up with some of the top women in technology and organisations taking part.

  • Open Source For Women: This panel will explore how to get women more involved in developing technology and contributing to Open Source and Open Standards. What are the current barriers? What can we do to break these barriers?
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Tech But Were Afraid To Ask (a man): There are gazillion tools on the market these days that claim to help ramp up your technology programs. What do they all do and are some of them overkill?
  • Build An Online Campaign And Save The World: The latest tricks and tools in online campaign organizing and making them go viral.
  • Women And Social Capital: Networking, schmetworking…why is it that women are statistically more ‘social’ than men, but have statistically less powerful business networks than men? This panel will explore how the women who have entered boys clubs and built powerful Social Capital have done it and give ideas to women on how to build their networks through better Bridging Capital.
  • Mobile Activism: How can we use mobile technology to fight for social justice issues and raise money for organizations?
  • The Digital Ceiling: Experts will identify strategies for getting heard and how to effectively advocate for your technology program as well as how to break through the barriers relating to budgets, resources and lack of vision by upper management.
  • Hot or Not? Twitter! Facebook! Ning! Experts share their opinions on the latest trends in Web 2.0. Should organizations be following these trends to engage new supporters or is it just another fad that will be gone tomorrow? What are the real ROI’s?
  • Improve This Blog Pitch: Real-live outreach programs from our attendees. A panel of experts offer constructive improvements…to creatives, calls to action and blogger targeting. Advertising exec and momblogpreneur Liz Gumbinner moderates a panel including Susan Getgood from Marketing Roadmaps, Miriam Kamin Editor of WouldaShoulda blog and Maria Niles from Consumerpop Marketing Consulting. All of these fine panelists have been on both sides of the marketing/blogger equation…and can feel your pain, even as they hope to help you not get blown up by the bloggers.

Find out more at www.womenwhotech.com.

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