Photo Dropper plugin – finds Flickr Creative Commons images within WordPress

The new handy Photo Dropper plugin for WordPress could save time when searching for images to brighten up blogs and websites. This plugin finds Creative Commons licensed images from Flickr for use within your blog.

Excerpt from the Photo Dropper website:

“When it comes to finding great quality images, you basically have 3 options: stealing, buying, or using Creative Commons-licensed photos.”
“With the Photo Dropper plugin, you can now search millions of Flickr photos and add them to your WordPress posts with just 1 click, all without leaving your WordPress dashboard. Attribution links are automatically added underneath the images to comply with the Creative Commons license rules. It’s the easiest way to add photos to your blog.”

The Photo Dropper blog also links to the great post by Skelliewag, A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images which highlights the importance of checking the Creative Commons license on the original Flickr source page before posting any external images on your site. On Skelliewag’s post it lists all the types of licensing and what it means as an easy reference guide when using photo’s from Flickr on your site.

Back in January, I wrote another Flickr related post Get the Picture, on how nonprofit organisations can use online photosharing for a variety of uses, along with a collection of useful links to other excellent articles and resources.

To find out more about Photo Dropper and download the plugin, visit the site at

I look forward to testing this plugin out.