Effective technology advising with John Kenyon

John KenyonThe day after the Circuit Rider Conference in Birmingham, Lasa organised a learning event with John Kenyon who had also facilitated a session at the Circuit Rider Conference. John is a nonprofit technology consultant based in San Fransisco and has an abundance of infectious vibrant enthusiasm and is always a delight to meet. He delivered an inspiring workshop on ‘Effective Advising – improving your effectiveness as a technology advisor’.

I’ve been supporting and working with advising voluntary and community groups for many years, but one area of self development that I have learnt, is that you never stop learning on how to improve your skills and develop further. Another essential part to do with the effectiveness of any training is the value of sharing of experience and learning within a group context with others in similar roles. It’s really good for my own development to take a step back, refresh and refocus the way I’m working in my advice and consultancy role and to do a stop check of where I am, and also how am I meeting the needs of my clients effectively too. What could I be doing better or differently, how are others managing the same issues that crop up in their own delivery? What can we all be learning?

The workshop covered several areas which we were able to explore, including the characteristics of nonprofit organisations and how they impact on the advising and consulting process, different roles that advisors and consultants and their clients play during a project as well as the stages of engagement. By the end of the day, we had increased our knowledge and skills to put into our daily practice and received a framework to work with which aims to meet the needs of us as advisors and the needs of our clients too.

So thanks John for a great day, and for sharing your learning with us! John Kenyon’s website and blog can be found www.johnkenyon.typepad.com/.

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