Google for Non-Profits

Screenshot of Google for Non-profits
Google for Non-profits provides a round up of Google’s relevant and useful free tools, all in one handy place to help organisations get started easily.

The site lists everything from docs, calendars, web analytics, groups to YouTube. They’ve categorised the free tools list into two areas, ‘Save time and money’; and ‘Find and engage supporters’.

Excerpt from the Google for Non-profits webpage:

You want to change the world. We want to help.
Learn how to use free Google tools to promote your work, raise money, and operate more efficiently.

How will this help organisations?

Each application tool link takes you to a section which shows you what the tool is and how to use it with easy to understand tutorials. As well as the guides on how to use the tools there are useful innovative examples of how the applications can be used in a nonprofit organisation with real case studies in the ‘Get inspired’ sections. There is also a ‘Quick ideas’ section too, which can give groups some instant ideas in ways these applications could be used, as well as a handy ‘Question and Answers’ page for each tool, which covers many of the common questions that organisations raise when investigating new ways of using technology to acheive their aims and way they work.

An excellent one-stop-shop resource to help organisations to learn more and gain the knowledge and confidence that is sometimes needed to have a go with using these tools for the first time.
See more at Google for Non-profits.