Accessibility 2.0: a million flowers bloom

AbilityNet are holding an Accessibility 2.0 event later this week. Accessibility 2.0 will be a practical conference focussing on web accessibility in a Web 2.0 world, and looking at practical solutions to making the modern web a more inclusive and accessible place for all.

On the event webpage you can listen to a podcast or download a transcript with conference host Robin Christopherson, Head of Accessibility Services with AbilityNet discussing Web 2.0. He talks about some of the barriers encountered from a users perpective with some modern social networking websites and also the hopes with innovation the future.
Excerpt from the site –

“Being blind I’m honestly a bit worried what Web 2.0 will mean for me and my access to websites and web apps in the coming months and years. If accessibility isn’t foremost in everyone’s minds I’m afraid I’ll actually have less choice in what I can access, and that I’ll find surfing more difficult in general. Faced with inaccessible sites, those sites that do it well will have my custom for sure.”

Find out more about the event and to listen to the podcast at Accessibility 2.0.