Chris Heilmann did an excellent thought inspiring post yesterday on his blog at Wait til I come! on Is it time to take Mashups and use them to solve real issues? where he writes about his mashup fatigue but also the recent events that have re-inspired him to think again with mashups especially later in the post on talking about the recent Social Innovation Camp with the winning and innovative Enabled by Design project, along with the Accessibility 2.0 conference and accessibility for all, with thoughts of creating an event for social and accessible hacking of currently used internet services.

As a web dev into all things participative and accessible to all, and with much of our modern fangled Web 2.0 which can unknowingly cause barriers to involvement for many, this was a refreshing post, I can’t wait to see if more unfolds from this.

Check out the article and add to the conversation at – Is it time to take mashups and use them to solve real issues?

Update 30/7/08: See the post about Scripting Enabled!