Nonprofits on the net for Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day – a day where thousands of bloggers across the world commit to write on the same topic with the aim of creating awareness around that issue. The topic this year is Poverty.

I work with a wide range of organisations on their communications, branding and websites. When working together on a new project I get them to take a look at what’s out there to look at what they do or don’t like with sites on the net so they can begin to formulate their own ideas. For my post today, instead of writing my views on poverty, I’ve decided to highlight a few nonprofit websites to give inspiration to other organisations with their own design ideas.

I’ve picked out a few of the well known organisations related to social change and the relief of poverty.  There are many more, but chose the following to help organisations who may be looking at their own designs and communications to see how some of the sites below use different ways to reach out to their readers, helping to raise awareness and motivate action in their work and campaigns.  Some use strong visual imagery, or bold usage of language and content wording, others have clear information architecture to enable the reader to easily find where they need to get to be to donate or take part or show innovative ways to become involved and share the message with others.

End Child Poverty website screenshot
End Child Poverty –

Shelter website screenshot
Shelter –

Oxfam website screenshot
Oxfam –

Global Call to Action Against Poverty website screenshot
Global Call to Action Against Poverty –

Salvation Army on the Virb social networking site screenshot
Salvation Army (on Virb social network) –

and finally,

Not just focussing on poverty, but has recently undergone a makeover and created a vibrant modern online hub and media network for social issues and collective action. website screenshot
Change Social Action Network –

If you have more examples of sites that you like, feel free to add a link to your favourites and also a sentance or two sharing why that site appeals to you in the comments form below.

And, if not involved already, head over to the Blog Action Day site to read what thousands of others are writing about on this one issue today and sign up to take part.