Blog Action Day 2009

Blog Action Day 2009
Today is Blog Action Day.  Bloggers across the world, will all be tackling the same subject today – Climate Change.

I’m not going to write about anything about the ‘big things’ connected with climate change, I’ll let our Governments and the big companies deal with that issue. Instead, my contribution is just a little ramble on the little things, as I feel that by making small changes surrounding your own local environment, it can help lead to change for the wider environment as a whole.

A couple of years ago, the theme for Blog Action Day was the environment, and I’m recycling with some updates with my post today, on what has happened since my post about My Environment all that time ago.

Two years is a long time to some, and looking back at my previous post, and my own concerns about my environment and the way we lived led me to make some big steps that has helped reduce my families’ impact on our environment that surrounds us.

Some of the steps since 2007…

  • I gave up my ‘day’ job to become full-time freelance in the summer of 2008. I now work from home and rarely drive. (compared to 2 years ago where reliance on the car to ferry to school and work and meetings was a necessity. Not only saving money, but also about 200+ miles a week of extra pollution too.).
  • However, I am still reliant on a car at times.  We never got to move to a town or city as had intended, of which a big part of the idea of moving, was so that we could access efficient public transport services.  Am living still in a small but active rural village. The public transport is adequate and slowly improving, although sometimes is still expensive or doesn’t operate at the times when I want to access services to get me from A to B.
  • My children and I are healthier, we got a place at the local village school and walking each day, not only keeps the dog’s tail wagging with his ‘walkies’ twice a day, but we’re more connected to our local environment. Oh and the bonus of walking to school, chatting. Much more time to chat, laugh and discuss together without having to focus on concentrating on driving along those famous Devon back lanes.
  • Going freelance meant being more careful with finances than before, especially during those first few months.  In turn, this helped us to become mindful of the resources we use, and evaluate what we needed and didn’t need.
  • Made the effort to enjoy local food, local shopping much more than before.  With less time commuting here, there and everywhere and not focussing on what we really need; we produce less convenience food and packaging waste.
  • I enjoy nurturing and recording the wildlife that visits the garden, especially the hoverflies and also the rare moth that came by last summer.  We have a healthy diverse community of birds that visit too (although I do ponder about the mass of sunflower seeds they consume, especially as they are often imported from far away places like China, but that’s another story for the future over on the Garden Birds blog!).

In short, just being mindful of what we do and how we live. Nothing dynamic nor innovative. I could ramble on more about different ways to save energy and resources in the home, but guess most of you know those already!

I look forward later in the day to spending time reading others blog posts for Blog Action Day.  It’s the one time I do read lots of blogs, as it’s wonderful to read and learn how we all look at one topic from so many angles.  Are you taking part in Blog Action Day?

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