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About Laura

I’m Laura Whitehead, and am a web and print designer and consultant in online digital media (I work under the name of Popokatea); specialising in the use of technologies to further the development of effective communications primarily for the nonprofit sector.

I’m passionate about participation, inclusion and accessibility for all. Working in the sector for nearly 20 years, I’ve also supported a wide range of organisations, sectors and communities with their knowledge and information development, and their collaborative partnership working.
See more about my work at my main website at www.popokatea.co.uk.

About this blog

This journal, aims to provide a notebook of my thoughts and observations, findings on the net, sharing of good practice and is aimed at a wide audience from non-profit organisations and charities, to other designers and developers and myself.

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What does Popokatea mean?

This is a question I get asked lots. When originally deciding on a website name, the words ‘Whitehead’ or ‘Laura’ weren’t that inspiring to play with. I stumbled a real creative block with what name to choose. It’s easy being creative for others with suggestions for names and titles, but for my own site I spent many months trying to come up with names and concepts that would work typographically too. I needed another word for Whitehead. Being wildlife sort of people, and liking birds lots too, I discovered that there is a New Zealand bird known as Popokatea, the Whitehead. (Mohoua albicilla)
Not only a beautiful little bird, but also a beautiful word with great shapes for letters that flow and work together nicely. I like having a name that works so well with different fonts in different forms and still looks great!


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